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Learn lettering alphabet practice sheets lowercase and uppercase
Lettering practise worksheets
Printable lettering alphabet practise sheets
Practice worksheets for lettering beginners

Beginner's alphabet practice sheets (small-tipped brush pens) - digital download

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Get started quickly on your lettering journey with my beginner's alphabet practice sheets.

I've got for you digital worksheets (.pdf) that you can download, print, and start practising straight away. It includes:

  • Lowercase & uppercase letters
  • Traceable letters
  • Bonus blank lines with slant guidelines for extra practice
Keep reprinting as many times as you like!

    You'll need to get yourself a small-tipped brush pen, such as the Tombow fudenosuke - soft (or hard tip) brush pen or Pentel fude touch sign brush pen (make sure it's the one with the flexible, brush tip - not the normal bullet tip).

    If you are new to lettering and would like more guidance, have a look at our 40-page workbook: 'So you want to learn the fundamentals of brush pen lettering'. It includes two sets of these alphabet practice sheets as well as detailed explanations plus activities covering:

    • Pen grip & hand movement
    • Basic strokes
    • Forming letters
    • Forming words & sentences
    • Tricky letter combinations
    • Basic design & styling ideas

    ... and more!