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Flourishing Workbook - Banna Script
Flourishing Workbook - Banna Script

Flourishing Workbook - Banna Script

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The person who writes using Banna Script flourishing is someone who is relaxed, breezy and a bit of a minimalist. This style of flourishing is perfect for beach-themed designs and of course, for creating eye-catching quotes for Instagram posts.

This 34-page workbook is designed to show you how to:

  • Flourish individual letters (both lowercase and uppercase) in various flourishing directions
  • Flourish single words
  • Flourish short and longer quotes in a couple of different styles

.. in the Banna Script style! You will be able to download, print, and get started straight away.

Difficulty level: Beginners who have learned the fundamentals of brush pen lettering, to Intermediate letterers.

You'll need to get yourself a small-tipped brush pen, such as the Tombow fudenosuke - soft (or hard tip) brush pen or Pentel fude touch sign brush pen (make sure it's the one with the flexible, brush tip - not the normal bullet tip) as well as a pencil and eraser.