Sailor Shikiori Spring 5 colour set Twin Dual Tip Fineliner Brush Pens

$ 19.95

These Sailor Shikiori pens feature dual tips: one side is a medium sized, soft brush pen and the other side is a fine liner. The colours are based on Sailor's popular range of fountain pen inks, and each set is inspired by the colours of nature in each of the four seasons.

These pens are ideal for brush pen calligraphy & lettering, drawing & illustration, bullet journalling, and other art projects. 

The Spring set includes the following 5 colours: Wakauguisu (Brownish Green), Miruai (Seaweed Indigo), Nioisumire (Sweet Violet), Yozakura (Evening Cherry Blossom), and Sakuramori (Cherry Blossom Pink).

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