Fiona Ariva

Wax Melting Spoons - Assorted [Samples]

$ 3.00

These spoons are samples, so there are only limited quantities of each.

If you regularly make wax seals using specific colours, it's helpful to have a couple of extra spoons on hand so you don't have to keep cleaning them every time you want to switch to a new wax colour. 


  • 1. Golden Metal Spoon (11.5 x 2.7cm approx)
  • 2. Rose Gold Single Spout Long Handle Spoon (12.1 x 3cm approx)
  • 3. Silver Single Spout Long Handle Spoon (12.1 x 3cm approx)
  • 4. Golden Long Handle Spoon (12.1 x 2.8cm approx)
  • 5. Wide Shallow Golden Black Short Handle Spoon (10.4 x 3.5cm approx)
  • 6. Rose Gold Single Spout Short Handle Spoon (9.5 x 3cm approx)
  • 7. Silver Single Spout Short Handle Spoon (9.5 x 3cm approx)
  • 8. Golden Short Handle Spoon (9.5 x 2.8cm approx)
  • 9. Vintage Decorative Brass Spoon (10.7 x 2.8cm approx)

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