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Article: So you want to learn the fundamentals of Brush Pen Lettering - Customer gallery

So you want to learn the fundamentals of Brush Pen Lettering - Customer gallery

I am so grateful to all of you who have grabbed a copy of my first workbook, 'So you want to learn the fundamentals of Brush Pen Lettering' so far. I am also thankful to those of you who left words of encouragement, congratulations and shared in my excitement. Each one of you has brought a big smile to my face and I want to bring a smile to yours too.

I love seeing your work, and I want to keep posting them here so that others can see and be inspired by you. Please use the hashtag #fionaariva or tag me in the photo, because sometimes I miss them if they're in the comments or captions.

It makes me super happy and proud to see them, it really does :)

@kittystoop (Great control and smooth transitions!)


@hhaplanner (Looking good so far!)


@lolaphong (Your letters are so uniform and neat!)

@thefeelingofdiscovery (yay, lovely to see that your slant is consistent and the lines are nice and parallel to each other!)

thefeelingofdiscovery brush lettering

@eeada83 (What beautiful colours and consistent strokes - I can't stop admiring it!)

Brush pen lettering worksheet example eeada83



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