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Getting Started with Wax Seals:
A Beginner's Guide

Wax seals are an extension of your creativity, a representation of the thought and care you've invested, and are a way to make your cards and gifts memorable. 

What you'll need to make wax seals:

1. Choose your stamp from our collection or customise your own

2. Pick your wax colour. We have mixed packs and single colours

3. Grab your tools. At a minimum, you will need a spoon and candle to melt the wax

4. Add some decorations like dried flowers, foil flakes or tassels

Or choose from our wax seal kits & bundle boxes:

Making Wax Seals in Bulk?

Try using our wax sticks that can be dispensed in a glue gun, and non-stick mat. We have a free downloadable template that you can place under the mat to make consistently-sized wax seals

How to Wax Seal, Tips & Project Ideas

We show you how to wax seal, how to clean the spoon, share creative wax sealing techniques, gift wrapping tutorials and more!

Wax Seal Craft Project Ideas from our Creative Customers

Rosamond is an Australian watercolour artist by day and art journaller extraordinaire by night

Rosamond J

"I love buying items from Fiona Arriva. They always arrive quickly & beautifully packaged. I bought a kit for a gift - the birthday girl loved it!"


"I love these tassels and I’m pretty confident I’ll be buying more. They are perfect to make hand painted bookmarks as little gifts for my friends and family! I had so much fun"


Lauren is a creator of beautiful things, including handmade cards, vibrant paintings, custom earrings and calligraphy artwork

Lauren Ravizzotti