Writing letters to Parliament about Climate Change

Sparking change, one small action at a time

As I'm sure many of you aware by now, Australia is currently in the grip of an unprecedented bushfire crisis. I am not here to tell you how you should respond to it, but as a small business that promotes creative letter writing, I felt that sending a letter to our Federal Minister of Environment, imploring her that we can do more as a nation, felt like a no-brainer.

I was inspired when I stumbled across an Instagram post by Anna Richards (former parliamentary worker), who had kindly shared her letter template. Remembering Gandhi's words, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world", I knew that I couldn't sit idly by, especially as the contents of the letter had already been written for me. So if you are just as inspired, please join me in sending a letter to the Minister of the Environment, or your local member of parliament.

An opportunity to create some symbolic art

Naturally I wax-sealed the letter with our wild flower stamp, using red, orange and yellow wax on a forest green envelope to symbolise the bushfires. Hopefully this will help our letter to stand out amongst the piles of correspondence that our members of parliament undoubtedly receive every day.

We received an encouraging message from Anna on Instagram

It was also super sweet of Anna to take the time to personally respond and continue motivating us to take action.

I realise that many of you might not have time to send letters, or are not Australian, but would still like to help. There are many relevant organisations that are seeking donations, such as the National Bushfire Disaster Appeal, which we have also donated to.

Thank you in advance!

And to those of you who have been personally affected by the bushfires, stay strong. We will pray for rain and hold you in our thoughts.

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