Evolution of a greeting card design

I am someone who values constant learning and personal growth. Designing my own greeting card range was something that I'd always felt linked my calligraphy skills with my obsession with wax sealing. Admittedly, I was held back from doing this sooner by my fear of not being artistic enough to produce something I thought I would be proud of. For some of the designs, I'd spend the whole day working on it, only to wake up the next day, take one look at it and decide that I needed to redo it. At some points, I was frustrated that what I could see on the page didn't align with the vision that I had in my mind. I felt there was a gap between the level of my drawing skills I thought I was at, and the level that I was actually at.

Eventually, I reminded myself that if I waited until I felt like my skills were 'good enough', I might never be satisfied, and that it is much better to push myself to meet a (self-imposed) deadline because it is much better to produce something now that can later be improved, rather than let fear, or a desire for perfection, stop me. I want these first few cards to represent my belief that in life, we are all works in progress, and that if we embrace the process of learning and improving, we can always be proud of where we are now, and look forward to where are going.

It was only after I stopped putting so much pressure on myself to produce something that I thought was perfect, did I feel myself able to get back into the creative flow.

Many of us take the time to sort out our waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. Once the trash has been thrown out, it's often out of sight and out of mind. Lately, I've started to think more about what the point of recycling is if I don't place the same amount of care in valuing recycled goods. Similarly, it seems like councils and governments would be more inclined to invest in improving the recycling process if there were increased demand for it by consumers. I started researching and found out that there is a difference between pre-consumer recycled waste, and post-consumer recycled waste.

Pre-consumer recycled waste - is the reintroduction of manufacturing scrap (such as trimmings from paper production, defective aluminum cans, etc.) back into the manufacturing process.

Post-consumer recycled waste - is paper and card (from items such as newspapers, cereal boxes, juice containers etc), that have been used, thrown out as waste then made useable again.

I'm proud to say that our greeting cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled, carbon neutral cardstock and printed in Australia. I'm glad to choose to support local printers who also want to be a part of the sustainability solution. Minimising our business' environmental footprint is something that value and are constantly trying to improve on.

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