Art hacks using a post-it note

You can incorporate the humble post-it note with your lettering projects in pretty cool ways. Chances are, you'll find this household item lying around so let me show you some easy and simple ways to use sticky notes in your art!

Floral border

This is a super quick technique that you can use to decorate headings in your journal, diary, meeting notes, memos to colleagues, etc!

Word within a word

It's all about the reveal, when you peel away the post-it note to show the rest of the quote.
  • Start by cutting off the sticky part of your post-it note and press it onto your page
  • Outline the post-it note with a pencil
  • Peel it off and write the words inside the box
  • Rub out the pencil marks and centre the post-it note on top of your words
  • Outline the post-it note with a pen and draw in the rest of the banner
  • Letter on top of the post-it note. Remember not to have any crossbars written on top of the post-it note because you'll be peeling it away
  • Peel, and reveal!

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Alphabet letters with floral border

This idea works best with letters that have straight edges. You want your floral doodles to be dense so that when you peel away the post-it note, the edges will be clean and sharp. You can always stick the post-it note back and keep drawing if you're unsure! 

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Scribble border

How's this for a fun alternative to highlighting important events in your calendar? Its eye-catching and I'm pretty sure you'll remember any upcoming event/ reminder if you put a post-it note on it, then scribble decorated it. It's also a great stress reliever.

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Misting spray

Use a fine, misting sprayer to mix your watercolours on the page in an interesting way.

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'Picture frame' border

The empty, negative space created by the post-it notes balance out the busy flourishes and lettering. Just remember to flourish right up to the corners and edges of the sticky notes so that you get a nice, rectangular shape when you peel away the sticky notes.

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I'll keep updating this page with more ideas so stay tuned! 

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Great ideas to use with sticky notes! Thanks!

Wendy Jo September 30, 2020

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