Fun and easy DIY ideas using reactive foil

For those of you who foil your lettering, you probably find yourself wondering what to do with those leftover foiling scraps, which would be too wasteful to throw away. Here's some super simple ideas on what you can do with them. The best thing is, you don't even need a foiling machine for these!

For these projects, you will need I am using Heidi Swapp Minc reactive foils. They are the type of foil that normally sticks to printer toner.

Foiled, 'brush stroke' borders

Add a stroke of luxe to the edges of your writing paper. This could look amazing on wedding invites. It is important to wait until the glue has mostly dried before you peel away the foil. You can always refoil the patchy bits.

You will also need:

  • PVA/ craft glue (preferably the tacky/ quick-drying variety)
  • Dry, synthetic brush

Foiled, 'brush stroke' gift bags

This is the same technique as above, except I've used it to dress up a gift bag. It's the little details that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

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Foiled, 'brush stroke' envelopes with window

This design will have your recipients wondering how you created this. They'll never guess that you just used the humble post-it sticky note! It could also be a gorgeous way to dress up place cards.

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Foiled gift tags with hole-punched heart

Create foiled embellishments for your gift tags, cards, wrapped presents.. anything you can think of!

You will also need: Foil, double-sided tape, hole punch (single shapes work best)

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Foiled place cards with two-tone hearts

This is a variation of the single-coloured heart embellishments idea above. I've used it to make place cards with a two-tone design for my party guests. Make your design pop by using contrasting colours.

You will also need: Foil, double-sided tape, hole punch (single shapes work best)

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I'll keep updating this page with more ideas so stay tuned! 

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Original and inspiring ideas which are very easy to do, without requiring any expensive new tools. Well done.

Eva Bower April 02, 2023

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