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Article: The journey so far

The journey so far

At Fiona Ariva, it’s all about our artistic talents and how we have special pens that can write pretty letters.

We wish.

It’s about the words that are written and what they mean. How they affect our lives. How they inspire you and I to live the life that we’ve always wanted.

Want to learn lettering? You can.

See that pen you own? Any pen. That’s how it all starts. Yes, you can produce beautifully lettered pieces. But even more, you can change your life with that pen.

How do I know?

That’s my story too.


Hi, I’m Fiona. I help people find inspiration in their lives through the joy of lettering and calligraphy.

It began in early 2016 when I was on the train home from my corporate accounting job at the time and casually scrolling through my Instagram ‘Explore’ feed. I noticed some beautiful hand-lettered quotes and thought ‘oh wow! I wish I could do that’. The posts didn’t go away – in fact, because I had liked so many of them, Instagram started showing me more and more of those posts. After a short while and some googling, I found out that you could do lettering with normal pens as well as these cool pens that they called ‘brush pens’. I went out and bought one. It wasn’t a huge investment, and from that moment forward, I was hooked.

I started posting my work on Instagram, learning from others and getting my hands on whatever books and tutorials I could find. Over time, my friends and co-workers noticed my work and started commissioning me to produce custom pieces for their weddings, homes and charity auctions. The industry also started to notice and featured my work on several global, curated typography pages. Companies started contacting me, asking to collaborate.

It all sounds glorious at this point but please know that I’ve cut out a lot of the struggle, self-doubt and incremental growth. I am mindful that this is an ‘About’ page and I want to keep it concise. If you’re interested in reading about my personal journey, I share in the ‘Blog’ section.

Fast forward to today. You’ll find nuggets of calligraphy awesomeness sprinkled throughout my website. Create a personalised, hand-lettered piece for yourself or a loved one. Find everything you need to know to get started on your own lettering journey. Join me!

I can’t believe it all started with a pen.

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