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Free lettering banner template with flowers and florals
DIY acrylic wedding table sign for cards and gifts
Cards and gifts wedding table sign with calligraphy lettering and flower drawings

Cards & gifts template featuring ribbon banner and floral line drawings

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This is a printable, traceable template for creating a 'Cards & gifts' acrylic table sign, featuring floral line drawings, a ribbon banner and faux calligraphy.

While we created this template with those who like to DIY their own wedding signs in mind, we're sure that you clever people can think up many more uses for it. You could simply trace over the design and substitute the words in the banner. Perhaps you could use it to make a "Happy Birthday" card for a friend (you might need a light box), or use heat-transfer, foiling techniques for a shiny finish. Maybe you could feature it as a decorative element in your bullet journal?

Sizing: 5x7" and 8x10"

Recommended pen tip size: 1.0mm (for 5x7") and 2.0mm (for 8x10")

We used the Sakura Pen-Touch 2.0mm marker for our sign, but you can easily substitute this with other bullet-tipped markers, chalk markers or metallic markers.

Note that no physical booklet will be shipped - you will receive a downloadable .pdf copy for you to print out and use.

This freebie is for personal use only.

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