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Cinnamon Biodegradable Wickless Wax Seal Stick

Sale price$ 12.00

Packed and shipped out today or next business day from Melbourne, Australia

Melt to create traditionally rigid wax seals that satisfyingly snap when you break the seal.

  • 1 x biodegradable wickless sealing wax stick in the colour "Cinnamon"
  • Made from 100% plant resins, natural colour pigments, minerals and vegan waxes
  • Cools to a smooth and brittle finish. Not suitable for mailing wax-sealed letters in the post
  • Measures approx 116 (L) x 10 (W) x 10 (D) mm
  • Makes about 10-12 wax seals per stick with a 25mm stamp 

How to use:

  • Place one end of the stick in a wax melting spoon over a heat source
  • Using a spoon holder (sold separately) is optional
  • Swirl the stick around the spoon to quicken the melting process
  • Scrape the side of the stick against the edge of the spoon periodically to remove more wax
  • You may need to lubricate your stamp using cooking oil or keep it on a cold surface to prevent the stamp sticking to the wax
  • Pour and stamp the wax. Wait until the wax has cooled before attempting to remove the stamp
  • Leftover wax in the spoon can be remelted and reused.
Biodegradable wax seal cinnamon copper with sealing wax stick Australia
Cinnamon Biodegradable Wickless Wax Seal Stick Sale price$ 12.00