Fiona Ariva

From A to Z Alphabet Letters - Wax Seal Stamp

$ 37.00

Personalise your cards, envelopes and gifts with your own alphabet letter wax seal! Or gift one to a craft lover in your life and pick out the first letter of their name.

We've added a "FROM" so you can use your wax seal for gift wrapping. Otherwise you might have needed the whole set to make sure every name in your gifting list is covered!


  • 1 x wax seal stamp head - 25mm in diameter. This will be attached to the handle. (Stamp heads are interchangeable by twisting to unscrew/ rescrew)
  • 1 x brown, rosewood handle. The total stamp length is approx 9 cm/ 3.5 in
  • 1 x cotton canvas drawstring pouch and cylindrical storage/ gift box

Exclusive design and signature modern calligraphy script by Fiona Ariva.

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