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Rose Gold Single Spout Wood handle medium wax melt spoon

Sale price$ 8.50

Packed and shipped out today or next business day from Melbourne, Australia

This spoon features a premium rose gold finish, spout for easy pouring and wooden handle that remains cool to the touch even while your wax is hot. It holds more wax than our Standard Small Spoon and less wax than our Double Spouted Large Spoon. Ideal for making more than one wax seal at a time.


  • Approx 2.7 cm diameter, 11.5cm long
  • Single spout, easy to pour
  • Wooden handle
  • Holds between 8-10 wax granules comfortably

How to use the spoon:

  • Use 3 to 4 sealing wax beads/ granules for each wax seal (we like to use 3 for a 25mm stamp)
  • Hold the spoon just above the candle flame. Do not put the spoon into the flame otherwise the wax is likely to overheat, and the bottom of the spoon will become sooty
  • Wait until the wax has just melted (you can use a stirrer to quicken this process). If it's bubbling, or smoking a lot, it's overheated, which means it might flow too quickly when you pour it, and it'll be harder to create a nice, round seal
  • Let the wax cool slightly if it's overheated before you pour it
  • Pour the wax slowly onto your envelope (or other surface)
  • Slowly press your wax sealing stamp into the wax and leave it there for 10-30 seconds (you can check to see whether the wax seal has sufficiently cooled by wiggling the stamp)
  • Once the wax has cooled, remove the stamp and admire your work
Rose gold wax melting spoon australia with spout
Rose Gold Single Spout Wood handle medium wax melt spoon Sale price$ 8.50