Fiona Ariva

Save The Date Square Wax Seal Stamp, Wax Seal Kit or Stamp Head

$ 25.00

Remind your guests to save the date for your special occasion with our elegant design, featuring a mix of traditional serif font and our modern calligraphy script.

Perfect for wax sealing your celebration invitations, envelopes, cards, gifts, letters, journals, wedding invitations, and more.

For our square stamp designs, we recommend using 4-5 sealing wax granules per wax seal.

Stamp head only (no handle) includes:

  • One square wax seal stamp head - 25 x 25mm. No handle

Stamp with handle (+ box & storage bag) includes:

  • One square wax seal stamp head - 25 x 25mm. This will attached to the handle. (Stamp heads are interchangeable by twisting to unscrew/ rescrew)
  • One brown, rosewood handle. The total stamp length is approx 9 cm/ 3.5 in)
  • One cotton canvas drawstring pouch
  • One cylindrical storage/ gift box

Wax sealing kit includes:

  • 1 x wax sealing stamp, measuring 25 x 25mm (includes handle)
  • 1 x wax melting spoon
  • 1 x yellow gold wickless wax stick
  • 1 x champagne wickless wax stick
  • Each kit makes approximately 15-20 wax seals
  • Cotton storage bag and sliding drawer gift box

You will need to use a candle to melt the wax

Exclusive design by Fiona Ariva.

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