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Wax Seal Metal Ring Mould - Round

Sale price$ 9.95

Packed and shipped out today or next business day from Melbourne, Australia

Level up your wax seals with our ring moulds. Experiment with different combinations of ring mould shapes, wax stamps, wax colours and embellishments. The combinations are endless!


  • Use around 6 sealing wax beads
  • Pour the wax until it's just touching the edges of the ring mould so that when you press the wax stamp, the wax won't overflow over the edge of the mould
  • When adding dried flowers, you can either place them directly on top of the hot wax and let it cool without stamping, or use our Crystal Clear Jelly Hot Glue, Glue Gun, Non-stick Craft Mat and Blank Round Wax Stamp to create clear floral medallions. Trim any overhanging edges with a pair of scissors

You will receive:

  • 1 x Ring mould - Round shape
  • Size: 28.5mm internal diameter of ring mould